Thursday, June 25, 2009

How to beat the Behemoth

Here are some tips on how to kill the Final Boss in Double Edged.

Stay at the bottom of the screen. His breath-attack won't hit you there. Make sure there are no skeletons left on the screen when he... when he.... well, when he licks the ground???

Don't touch the treasure chest. Don't waste the treasure chest. If your life-bar's under 50% the chest will contain a piece of meat.

Make sure NO sceleton will get your sword. If you lose your weapon, YOU are lost. If there are to many skeletons, make use of your Special-Attack!

Double Edged Review

You think after a month of waiting, there's gotta be a pretty good game coming out?
You're right! Although I've heard some negative voices, I must say that i really enjoyed playing the new game. (I know that they had accidentally(?) released the game before, but i missed it, so it was new at least to me.)

I loved the greek-mythology-references, i loved the graphics, and i especially loved what all the enemies had to say. Midas for example ("Gimme a hug") or the first enemy that carried a hammer ("Hammertime!").

The only thing i can complain about is that the game was a little too short and easy. Maybe there'll be a Double Edged 2? I definetly hope so!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Droplets Review

Here are just a few things i liked and didn't like on Droplets.

  • The music. This is the first Nitrome game that i actually enjoyed the music since Twin Shot.
  • The ending. Okay, it's the same thing they did with PowerUp, but i kind of liked the idea that
    Disguised as cute bunnies your army of ferocious monsters has succesfully been deployed all over happy land.

  • The second level. The pipes drove me nuts. Really!! It was the second level and it took me 10 minutes to pass (The game itself took me like 40 minutes). Getting through those tubes is ridiculously hard. I alined my droplets with the tubes, I even used a ruler to make sure i get through them and even now, after i've beaten the game it's still pretty hard to get through the tubes.
  • The difficulty. No, I'm not complaining about the game being too hard. It's just the fact that in some levels you have to figure out how to avoid different obstacles while in other levels all you do is dropping a rabbit and watching anything explode i didn't like.

Monday, May 18, 2009

2 Million Views

My videos have now been watched more than 2 Million times.
Thanks everybody for supporting me by watching my video guides!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Cosmic Cannon

Nitrome has launched a new mini game: Cosmic Cannon featuring the moon from Cheese Dreams, the Hot Air Baloon and the Ball from Twang

The game features some old friends. So far i've seen:

The moon from Cheese Dreams
The baloon from Hot Air
The ball from Twang
The green head from Knuckleheads
The chick from Chick Flick

Thursday, April 30, 2009

I should really get a new e-mail adress

Right now there are a total of 831 undeleted messages in my mailbox....

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Power Up Review

The first bad thing i noticed while playing the new game were the tons of bugs in this games. Here's a list of some bugs i remarked:
  • sound-effects poping up, although associated action has already ended
  • "impact-clouds" appearing, although there's nothing happening at all
  • One time i was able to clone my boxes. I don't know how it happened, but i suddenly had 4 instead of 2 L-shaped boxes
  • The second robot didn't charge, although the current flowed from one robot to the other (This thing really made me go nuts, because it happened to me in level 13 which is hard enough without that glitch)
  • Sometimes the sticky blocks decided not to be sticky anymore
Another thing i didn't like about this game is the physics-engine. I think it's supposed the give the objects a bit of bounce, but this bounce is just too much. The smallest collision will send your boxes flying in every direction.

I didn't like the controls either. If you pike up a block, it will rotate around your mouse-cursors' axis, which is good for flipping boxes, but if you just wanna lay a box flatly on another.

I was also disappointed by the graphics and the music. Especially the background-graphic seemed some kind of unloving to me.

This alltogether (especially the physics-engine in conjunction with the conrols) will frustrate you sooner or later.
Nevertheless i've finished this game so if you need help, just leave a request and i'll help you!